“Though the grass looked pretty green on the far side of that hill, in a sober state I could see it was pretty damn green on the side of the hill I was already on.”
~ Jefe Smith from his book LIFE, AMERICA and the ROAD to KEY WEST
Jefe’s much anticipated second book launches his readers on a new cross-country wandering tour from San Diego to Key West and back. With the same short story format as his first book, LIFE, AMERICA and the ROAD, this book is filled with new stories of the road, life and America written with the same irreverent sense of humor and keen wit of an observant, traveling biker. You may not be a biker, but you will enjoy the adventures and road philosophy from an entertaining storyteller. Published in 2015.

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People who live or simply dream adventurously will enjoy the path of these short stories as they follow an observant biker across America and through life. Jefe's colorful and irreverent descriptions of the people and places he visits are highlighted with reflections on life experiences and the America he encounters. Published in 2013, the book has maintained a monthly sales ranking in the top 2 to 5% of all ebooks sold in the Amazon Kindle Store in its first year on the site.

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