“A long trip like this provides you with a wonderful amount of time
to reflect on who you are, what you have left in you, and
what you want out of the portion of life remaining to you.”

~ Jefe Smith from his book LIFE, AMERICA and the ROAD - A Biker’s Perspective
GeoffGeoff “Jefe” Smith has ridden motorcycles over 170,000 miles in the past 13 years, crossing the country and back three times and riding extensively through the western U.S. He has tested the asphalt all of the 48 contiguous states and made three pilgrimages to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

He has ridden many of the famous roads well known to bikers and has visited countless national and state parks and other notable scenic places as well as a good number of bars through the western states.

About half his rides are made alone and half with the colorful groups of characters he thoroughly enjoys and occasionally writes about. His current ride is a 2012 Harley Davidson Road Glide which rolled over 20,000 miles in the first year after he purchased it.

Jefe holds a mechanical engineering degree from Princeton University and was developer/general contractor/tradesman building two energy efficient custom homes in which he raised his family for 25 years with the assistance of three of the best rescue dogs anyone could ever love.

Before his recent retirement, he ran three small businesses over a 40 year career, two of which were successful and one not so much. He lives just north of San Diego, California with his wife of 37 years who retired from teaching 6th grade for 45 years. Her career is considered to have been essential to their marriage longevity since it is generally felt that 6th grade is where Jefe stagnated developmentally. Their grown son and daughter have fortunately found their way in the world and no longer live with them.
Jefe’s Tours is a purely fictional travel agency formed with some colorful friends over way too many beers in San Felipe, Mexico back in the 80’s, but it more accurately represents the past and present experiences of one biker on many beautiful motorcycle rides through America and on one entertaining road through life. The word Jefe (Spanish pronunciation Hef’-fay) means chief or leader in that language but it takes on a dark connotation when associated with Mexican drug cartels. No hay problema aqui’ mis amigos, it’s only a nickname.
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